Hosted Exchange only £8.99 a month

Free Microsoft Outlook 2010, 10GB of storage space, Outlook email boxes, Mobile phone access, Enterprise virus & spam protection, what more could you need?

10GB Mailbox Space

Each Hosted Exchange mailbox comes with 10GB storage, more than enough for even the most active power user.

Transfer in your existing data easily

If you already have Microsoft Exchange 2003 or 2007 emails hosted elsewhere, transferring in their existing data is quick and easy, with no loss of data or uptime.

Get Outlook FREE

Stay connected with premium email and calendar tools. Microsoft Outlook 2010 is the most powerful way to manage your personal and business email and organise your time. Advanced features include email conversation management, the ability to combine multiple email accounts, synchronisation with your mobile phone, common task automation and the ability to engage with your social networks through Outlook.

Increase productivity

Co-ordinate and streamline work flow with advanced features, including group meetings, message threads, real time Outlook Web Access (OWA) synchronisation, and automatic grouping of a domain’s global address book between mailboxes.

Secure your Business Email Hosting

Hosted in a state of the art data centre, which is manned 24/7/365, our business email hosting is backed up every night and is totally secure. To help prevent unauthorized and accidental distribution of data, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 includes a wide range of information protection and control features. These features enable administrators to fine tune policies so that the right level of control is automatically applied to each message based on specific senders, recipients, content and other factors.